Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dinner At Denny's

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You'll say that we are indecisive
Cognitively divided
and our dates are really lame.

You'll say that we're stuck in a rut
Like a hazard in putt-putt
Cuz all we do is just the same.

And I said what about Dinner at Denny's
She said I think we did that last Wednesday
And as I recall I think we both disliked it
And I said well than what do you think?

I see you refusing to clue me
Into what you want to be doing
But are choosing not to share.

So what now, it's plain to see I'm lost,
A coin's about to be tossed,
Cuz I don't even care.

Then I said what about that dinner at Denny's
She said I think I'd prefer JC Penny's
And as I recall I think we have 2 coupons
And I said well then let's do that.

You'll say we need to pick a wedding date,
A house, some colors, and baby names,
And that I need to settle on a career.

You'll say the futures coming on fast
Even more so than in the past
And we need a plan for coming years.

And I said what about dinner at Denny's
You smiled and said you thought 1 course would be plenty
And I said as I recall I thought you disliked it
And you said actually maybe you lied.

So we said we'll take two burgers at Denny's 
The waitress eyed us cuz we're in our twenties
And everyone else was a geriatric patient
And I said well that's one thing we've got.

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