Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day: 2 Options

"You have two options for Valentine's Day," I tell me wife.

"You mean instead of or in addition to the usual poem?" she replies.

"Ummm... addition to."

"Okay - what are they?"

I produce two fliers - one from last Sunday and the other from a friend.

"Option 1: church dance with a bunch of people who have kids almost as old as we are.

"Option 2: poetry reading and jazz music at a bar downtown."

"Those are quite the options," she lols.

"Do you have a better idea," I parry.

"Well, we could get a little Caesar's pizza, put the kids to bed early, and play Mario Brothers."


"I love you," I say, like Han Solo did in Return of the Jedi
when stuck between a storm trooper and the blast doors: 
part appreciation and 
part attraction.

"I know," she says, like Leia
presenting the solution to the problem: 
part assurance and 
part showmanship.

And if those 4 moving parts aren't what animate love,
Then I'm a scruffy looking
Goomba herder.

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