Saturday, February 14, 2015

Emergency Room Wait-Time Billboards

As we drive home,
I see the billboard
advertising the wait time
for the hospital ER:

75 min.

I guffaw
(wouldn't you?)
and wonder
what the purpose is
of such signs.

As people are driving down the highway,
do they think,
"Oh - it's only 5 minutes to get in?
I guess I'll go get this leg wound taken care of."

Or, as they scramble with a 
hemorraging family member in the car
do they get to the sign and say,
"I'm not waiting 30 minutes for this.
Let's go home and see what happens."

Perhaps this sign would be
better served
and would better serve
outside of a decent restaurant
that doesn't accept reservations
for parties smaller than 7,
or at fast food restaurants,
showing the difference
between the drive-through
and in-store line times.

Now that's
something I need.

But perhaps it would be
too gimmicky
for decent restaurants
or even McDonalds.

But, maybe not.
Maybe it would just be too

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