Friday, March 6, 2015

Suddenly with No Surprise

Suddenly, with no surprise,
I find myself almost 30
And realize
There are still people my age
Traipsing about
Still unsure what to do with this thing called
As if it's an item of clothing
Gifted from a relative
That one's obliged to wear
Though it never fits quite right,
Always the armpits sag too low
And you can't help but alternate
Between wearing it
And hiding it,
Bucking up, grinning and wearing it
Or cringing and eschewing it
To the Goodwill pile.

I wonder, since probably that single demographic
And even myself
Who has a steady job, a mortgage,
A wife, son, daughter, and dog,
Still kind of feel like 
What seems to be a later version of 17,
If this infantile octogenarian in my mind's eye
And her motherly daughter
In the seating area at the doctor's office
Simply feel like they are
17 version 5.0
(or 17 Cougar for Mac users).

I guess I'll know someday,
And I'm sure it will seem suddenly
It will be no surprise.

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