Monday, July 13, 2015

Lego Limericks (with pics!) - for Janette

My son's into Lego constructions.
He was just a slave to instructions.
He watched Lego Movie,
Now builds things quite groovie;
He makes mostly novel productions.

My son's also into destruction,
Which is a key lego-ing function.
He used to break toys
Like a pre-school Hulk-boy;
Now he sticks with intentional reductions.

A Pete Call original.
Our collaborative effort based on Pete's idea to make the monster truck a spaceship.
The first in my robot series - Noodle Arms.
How Santa mines those diamonds for expensive jewelry.

A landspeeder we made together.
Another Pete Call original.

Some sort of puttering spaceship. 
A duck. By Pete.

Part 2 of my robot series - Near-sighted Dog. 

Pete's magnum opus - an homage to the Power Ranger Megazord.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent! Poetry & pictures - Pete is quite adept at Lego building! (As are you, Phil.). I particularly like "duck". Annd "near-sighted dog". Thanks for sharing!