Friday, August 2, 2013

Parking Lot Gulls

There they were:
gulls on the parking lot.

And I thought, "So, are they called seagulls
just because someone saw them on the sea?"

And then I thought, "duh."
(though that doesn't explain the "gull" part)

And then I thought," Well, then, these are
Parking Lot Gulls,
and they will have a meaning bestowed upon them
as soon as I snap a photo or two
to remind me to write this poem."

Good thing I did, too.

But now to the business of assigning meaning.
I googled "gull"
and wikipedia told me a lot.
which I skimmed and distilled to these factors:

Gulls eat almost anything
and are monogomous.

Let us, then,
be like the gulls

but less screechy.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Yellow Lights on Rainy Days

Perhaps it was because of the paint.

All that thinking about
matching colors
and shades

made me cringe when the light
was red
or even turned green.

But when I saw it switch
to yellow
all was right with the world,

Like life just shifted
into the right gear.

Not too fast,
not stopped,
but slow.

And all the yellow streetlamps
echoed so.