Monday, November 17, 2014

Fe: A Jeremiad

Where is

the iron pillar
defending those who make
needed societal denunciations (Jeremiah 1:18)?

the iron rod
for guiding the lost, as the word of God, through the mists of darkness (1 Nephi 8:24; 11:25),
for ruling the nations (Revelation 19:15)?

Where is that missing element
so key to strengthening and stabilizing
the periodically turning tables
of our atomizing culture?

Has it been too much alloyed
or clouded by some ignoble gas?

Has it not Fe-
elings enough

to give this fainting nation's
blood its smell and color back?

to give its spinning compass
a point?

to imbue its morally diaspora-ed people
with magnetoreception enough
to find its way home?

They don't even see
the destruction ahead.

And isn't that dramatically iron-

Thursday, November 6, 2014


It was a spur of the moment word
she uttered
when describing what she did
to rectify the dreaded

"There was no rice,"
she explained,
"so I put 2 pieces of bread on top
and 2 pieces on bottom
and sealed it in a ziploc."

I googled this seemingly freshly minted
coin of the English language
to see if it had already been uttered,
(as I so often find with words
I thought should be proprietarily mine,
like "infinition" or "thith").

All I found were people foruming about phones,
writing "wich" instead of "which" afterwards,
like "im looking for a phone wich has a keyboard"

as well as this picture:

Picture source here.

Given that Google couldn't prove
anyone else had concocted
this delicious compound word
which so perfectly evokes a common
21st century American intersection
of technology, tragedy, and DIY folk wisdom,
I told her to copyright it.

She said she had gone to snapchat it,
but her phone was in a bag.