Monday, September 29, 2014

Poetry is a Rock

I find myself,
on this Monday morning,
thinking about rocks and sand

because there's way too much going on.

And as I consider what to plan to do first
at each time
on each day

I realize that writing this poem
is a rock.

That's why I'm placing it firmly
on my calendar
every Monday morning -
to give a bit of sanity and peace
at the outset of what will inevitably be
a crazy week.

Will routinizing poetry writing make it


But, I suppose it'll still be better
than not writing any at all.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Mowing with Mankind

As I mow this sprawling lawn
I feel a resonance with generations
of mankind before,
sent to tend and tame this garden.

As if I, too, am one with
the pioneers,
the pilgrims,
yea, all the progenitors
who took a blade in hand
to provide a shave and a haircut,
as it were,
to a sometimes 2-bit spot of earth
in an attempt to obtain a yield of useful fruit
through the wielding of assorted tools,

an attempt, sometimes, as vain as mine
usually is to stay a step ahead
of nature's processes
and my own nature's tendancy
to be persuaded more by the
length of my yawn
than the growth of my lawn.

Monday, September 8, 2014


For some reason
whenever I mow the lawn,
I want to write poetry,

specifically about the act of mowing,
festooned with layers of infinite symbolism
as the act is.

I know,
I know -
mowing is such a manly act
and poetry
generally isn't,
though there is no paucity of male poets.

But still,
I want to write a book of poetry
called Mow-etry
in which I expatiate the subject.

So stay tuned.

Monday, September 1, 2014

I had a Dream Last Night

I had a dream last night
In a half-moved-in house I didn't recognize
Wherein I saw my mother and mother-in-law,
Who live a state apart,
Laughing heartily,
Arms around each other's shoulders,
And wearing matching blue
Cable-knit sweaters,
Walking in through the front door.

Beside a Christmas tree,
In two over-sized armchairs,
I sat with one of my best friends from
2 decades go,
Having just flown in from out West.
We were making small talk about the flight,
But knew deep within we'd soon be discussing
Significant topics from yesteryear,
Like Legos and Weird Al.

My dad had just walked by,
Dropping off a box filled with
Sets of matching Star Wars towels,
Bedecked with TIE Fighters and light sabers,
Presumably for myself and my nerdy siblings
(Including even the less nerdy ones).

I have no coat of many colors
And no lion's den is in my cards
To  help me interpret this dream,
But if I had to augur
What all this is about,

I'd have to say that
Either Disney will over-merchandise
Star Wars Episode 7
And soon start marketing
Cinderella-blue women's wear,
The intervening distances of space and time
That separate us from our significant others
Will E=mc square themselves 
Into relative nothingness
Through the intercession 
Of a certain bearded man 
We think of in December.

No, not that one.