Saturday, May 10, 2014

Worms on Rainy Days

"We've all heard
of the child
throwing a starfish
back into the ocean
because it mattered
to that one.

"What of worms, 
strung out on sidewalks
during rains,
like so many
spaghetti noodles?

"Who is saving
even one of them?"

I asked my mother
via telephone
from half a state away
on a rainy day.

she said,
"Your dad just rescued
the ones who found their way
onto our sidewalk and porch."

I had no idea.

There seems to be some sort of
lurking within the contrast of
the child with the starfish
my dad with the worms,

some deeper meaning
lying dying before me,
but how to rescure it
is a difficult question.

If I toss it too abruptly,
I'm afraid I'll kill it.

Rather, let me scoop it to you

See if you can
breathe some life into it. 

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