Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cardigan and Corduroy

My left hand's fingers
have discovered
there's a button on this cardigan -
smoother than softserve ice cream
on this granola sweater

and I can't help but feel embarrassed
that I'm not wearing corduroy for pants
instead of this
ragamuffin jean
to top off
rather than bottom out
what I think this outfit should be.

There's a certain message
I don't want to send
as a result of my
misbegotten ensemble


neither does my


  1. What does your sweater want to say? I like the smooth button compared to the rough sweater using the descriptors you chose.

  2. Thanks! It's tricky finding just the right descriptive words. I guess I don't know what the sweather wants to say... just the fact that it wants not to say something.