Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Pillow Sings a Siren Song

odd I see
the pillow as a
white-capped wave
one mermaid
singing a siren song
each morning
tempting me to stay in bed.

It's the
oddest sea
to be sailing on -
these nightly visions
with the only sail
my thin bedsheet,
catching all my drool
as I dumbly gaze out
at Circe's dreamlike world.

It's an
audit - see
how this daily test
investigates the solvency
of my will,
inspecting my obeisance
to each day's taxing
list of to-dos.

In this
ode I see us
as the crew,
hastily and vainly
stuffing feathers in our ears
as if to block the pillow's siren song,
only to find its sound
is coming from within.


  1. This is great! Silly pillow sirens,,

  2. Thanks! They are certainly quite silly but also serious in their regular endeavors to keep us asleep!