Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Child Consent Form

we post pictures of our kids
on social media
in awkward moments and weird poses
narrating their eccentricities
without acquiring any sort of
child consent form
or including an eventual avenue
for them to erase forever
whatever content they don't approve of.

karma thus dictates
that one day when we are drooling all over ourselves
and have larger diapers of our own to be changed,
recompense will come
as they post videos of us rambling on about
Ace of Base,
Super Nintendo,
or pogs,
our faces dumbstruck in just as much awe and confusion
about the technology in their hands
as they had about the ones in ours.

Though I guess it's more likely
the camera will be in their eyes,
and the memory storage behind the ear lobe,
the microphone on a cheek -
giving a whole new meaning to


  1. I promise not to post embarrassing photos of you if you agree to the same standards when I am old and drooling all over myself and so on. I will try to smile for the camera though.