Monday, September 28, 2015

Wearing Genes

I understand,
sort of,
how the genes work
that allowed for an experienced nurse
to tell from an early ultrasound of my son
that he would have my gooshy lips.

I get that there are genes for that type of thing.

But is there also some
other pair of genes that compelled him
at the age of a few months
to sleep with his arm crooked over his head
just like I do?

Or, years later, to
ask for a magazine while
sitting on the potty
(a thing I'd done regularly in middle and high school
but have since lost the luxury of time to do
and thus for him to observe)?

Which genes
have I foisted on this
poor child,
like a parent dressing their toddler,
and which ones can he
choose to wear,
changing them with the seasons,
fashion trends,
and personal taste?

I see so many genes
walking through my classroom door
each day:
skinny, sagging, hole-y, faded, flared, capri.

Which one(s) must he 
or will he choose to


  1. I think your "gooshy" lips are great. Your kids will do well if they "wear" a few more of your genes. Love your reflections, as always!

  2. Random fact, I showed picture of you and other cousins in a lesson today and someone guessed we were brother and sister. Lol ;-)

    1. That's awesome! That totally makes sense, though. I've always thought you and Sarah really resemble each other. I'll take you as a sister, too, any day!