Friday, April 3, 2015

Walking on Water

With the story
Of Peter walking on water,
We often think of the lesson
Learned by his falling into the sea,
Becoming afraid of the storm
And taking his eyes off the Lord.

And indeed,
It's good to learn
From others' failures.

But what about his reasons and success?
After all, he's the second
And only other person
Besides Christ
In the history of the world
To walk on water.

I always wondered why he asked
The Lord to bid him to come to him -
Was it because he wanted to walk on water, too?
Was it because he just wanted to be with the Lord?

I think it might be because
He felt safer standing on the surface of even a tempestuous sea with the Savior
Than he did sticking with the standard style of sea stability during storms in his day.

There was no commandment for Peter -
And is none for any of us -
To walk on water,
To do something
No one has done before,
Especially something that breaks
Some previously perceived physical law or
Limit to human capacity.

But he still did it.
Some mix of personal motive
And the Spirit's prompting.

So, perhaps,
When our own storms rage
Or when we insert ourselves in the storms of others
Either out of stewardship or friendship,
Perhaps we should
Abandon the ship
Of conventional certitude
About what the problem and/or solution is,
Espying where the Savior is
And striving for his position
No matter how precariously impossible
It may appear to reach
Or stay

Not being bound by laws of nature or norm -
But not breaking them either -

And, inevitably,
We'll fall short.
But isn't that what Christ
Is there fore?

Saying, "Come,"
And then saving us
When we falter.


  1. Phil! This was amazing! This is how I feel about some of the things I'm doing right now. Thank you for reminding me that we are more like Peter than we think and that we'll always need our Savior to pull us up in the end. I forget, or had no idea, that you have a talent and desire for poetry.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad it resonated with you and some of your current efforts. I'm intrigued now to hear what they are because I've been feeling the same sensation about some things - small things - that I've been doing but feeling a tad unsure of. Hope all is well with the family!