Sunday, April 13, 2014

Beating the Line

How often
does it happen
that you're not the last one
in line,
but rather
the one 
who actually beats 
the crowd?

Well today,
I am that man.
Not once,
But thrice over,
I have beat the crowd
And been first in line,
Only to see it grow behind me.

I wish I knew
How it was done -
How to pre-empt
Where everyone else was going
What everyone else was doing
And do it so effortlessly
As to avoid disrupting my schedule,
Though it would 
Delay theirs.

And I guess that's how it is -
The law of the line jungle:

Somebody will be there first,
And most people will have to wait,
And, hopefully, someone will be that
Kind-hearted person
(Like the one I met at Aldi last week)
Who sees your meager fist of groceries
Is nothing compared to her pack-muled cart
And let's you go ahead.

Or perhaps that kind-hearted someone 
Will be the one who sees your heavy load
of groceries, toiletries, house wares, doodads, and
Screaming child
And let's you go first
Though she only has bread and milk,
She also actually does have all day.

Or, perhaps, that kind-hearted someone
Will simply make the standing and waiting in line
Just a bit more tolerable. 

And though we ultimately can't control
If we're the one who's first
Or the one who has to wait,
At least the kind-hearted part
Is always an option.

So I guess 
that's what I wish 
I knew:
How to be 
that kind-hearted someone,
the appropriate one for the situation.

I hope
I will be that man
And do so
Thrice over.

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