Saturday, March 22, 2014

One of those Mariah Carey Mornings

You laughed
when you walked in and heard
not the usual Oscar Peterson Pandora station
but the dulcet tones
"Do do doo, dow;
Do do doo do doo d'dow."

Now I must grin
and explain
it's not my fault -
it was stuck in my head when I woke up this morning,
lingering on

throughout breakfast
and the 13 times I watched the music video on YouTube
and for the rest of the day,
til I knew there was
no way I was ever gonna shake her.

You tried to console my indulgence
by suggesting that
some days just had
Mariah Carey mornings
but recommended that
I not tell anyone about the 13 views,
which I gladly would've done,
had she not always been a part of me.

Since gradeschool I've imagined
(upon each hearing of the song)
resting my head on the lap of
my elementary-school crush
as she ran her fingers through my hair,
and sitting, for some reason,
in the basement of my best friend's house
in a mid-90s music video.

I still find in 2014,
time can't erase a feeling that strong

because it's somehow continually soothing
to know and feel
I'll always be someone's baby.

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