Friday, August 2, 2013

Parking Lot Gulls

There they were:
gulls on the parking lot.

And I thought, "So, are they called seagulls
just because someone saw them on the sea?"

And then I thought, "duh."
(though that doesn't explain the "gull" part)

And then I thought," Well, then, these are
Parking Lot Gulls,
and they will have a meaning bestowed upon them
as soon as I snap a photo or two
to remind me to write this poem."

Good thing I did, too.

But now to the business of assigning meaning.
I googled "gull"
and wikipedia told me a lot.
which I skimmed and distilled to these factors:

Gulls eat almost anything
and are monogomous.

Let us, then,
be like the gulls

but less screechy.

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